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We assess woodlands, plan operations and draw up budgets.  The Forestry Commission’s planning grant covers the costs of a plan in most cases.


In 2011, we sold more than 17,000 tonnes of our clients’ timber for more than £400,000.  Our timber harvesting and marketing service is truly independent - we do not buy timber ourselves.


We advise on maintaining and improving sporting potential of woodlands, improving cover, maintaining flushing points and organising forestry operations around the shooting timetable.


In 2011, we arranged more than £100,000 of new grant support for deer management for private estates.

There are excellent trading conditions for forestry in the East of England, despite the economic downturn.  If you own medium-sized or large woodlands in the East, we would be pleased to discuss how we can help you generate income and improve your woodlands with management.

Anglia Woodlands manage, or are principal forestry advisor, for more than 4000 acres of private estate woodlands in the East of England.  We give straightforward advice, generate timber and grant income and carry out quality forestry operations.  We offer a complete forestry business management, or just carry out single stand-alone operations – whichever fits best.

We have twenty years of forestry experience, are academically and professionally qualified, and fully insured for all of our activities.  Our clients are landowners, farmers, investors and planners.  We are also a specialist forestry advisor to agricultural agents, and are qualified to advise on biomass supply and woodland ecology.  We manage commercial and sporting estate woodlands, where the woodland holding is generally more than 50 acres in area.



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